FitMama Foundations Sisterhood Circle

Hi FitMama,

If you have ever wondered what the missing link is between you and your results, it is THIS.

Having a weekly check in and coaching session to:

  • Set and follow a weekly plan for food/workouts/events/kids whatever
  • Trouble shoot what isn't working for you and what to tweak
  • Have a safe space to get the support you need for long term success
  • Learn from and support your fellow FitMama Sisters 
  • Prioritize your goals 
  • Focus yourself towards feeling good daily
  • Get follow up and accountability so you keep moving ahead

Studies show that having support, follow up and effective tools are the ultimate trifecta when it comes to long term behaviour modification.

We are here for you!

Can't wait for you to be a part of this.

The check ins are at 8:30-9:30 pm Eastern on Tuesdays starting June 27th and going indefinitely. Monthly membership is only $47 USD.

Let go of the excuses and join us to get the results you're looking for.


Love Jen

FitMama Foundations Sisterhood Circle

This group coaching weekly check in will really accelerate your results and keep you on track week to week. Often we start with the best intentions and then feel alone, lost and unsupported. Let's change that! Join our group of like minded FitMamas who have learned the foundations and are now ready to keep them going! Life gets in the way. It's easy to go back to old patterns when you feel like nobody is there for you and you're struggling with exhaustion, motivation or execution. We are here for you! Love, FitMama  

$47.00 USD every month