The FitMama Foundations

This 9 week online group coaching program is designed to help you cultivate habits and thought patterns that serve you in reaching your health, fitness or life goals. 

Often we think we need to try the newest Diet or Fitness Plan and these simply aren't the answer.

We educate and coach you on topics such as the mind-body connection, positive body image, overcoming low self worth, improving self care, increasing self love and together we set the foundation for a LIFETIME of living a life you love in a body you love.

This is the foundational work for all the FitMama programs, understanding that when you get the mindset piece straight in your head, the physical pieces tend to fall into place.

This program is based on science and the newest up to date research on behaviour modification, psychology, mindset, personal growth, neuroscience, anatomy, physiology and more. 

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