The FitNut Program

This 4 week nutrition plan and recipe book is designed to delight your tastebuds and offer you a variety of wholesome healthy foods and recipes that will give you the results you desire: Naturally Increased Energy, Vitality, Weight Loss and much more. 

This program is easy to follow and is healthy for breastfeeding and pregnancy as well.

This is not a portion controlled diet, and is not calorie restrictive, but rather allows you to use natural whole foods to start to listen to your own body's messages about whether you are still hungry or full. 

The recipe book is full of simple to create meals and there are a variety of snacks suggested for throughout each day. 

This program will give you an idea of what to eat each day and will give you the chance to try out some new healthy recipes that fit into your FitMama lifestyle.




The FitNut is the original nutrition plan created by the FitMama team to please all palettes. You will be surprised at how simple and yummy eating healthy can be.  The recipe book and the shopping list are there to make it easy to follow. You will enjoy baking and cooking and eating fresh foods again with these great choices.  The meal plan pairs nicely with the FitHiit as well as the FitBlitz, and works for nursing FitMamas as well as pregnancy.  *This is not a calorie restricted meal plan, nor is it measuring and weighing or dieting. This program teaches you to listen to your body's signals.  

$97.00 USD