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We created FitMama to educate, empower and motivate moms to be stronger and healthier than ever, after having kids. If you have ever thought to yourself:

“Will I ever lose this baby weight?”
“Will my body recover from pregnancy and childbirth?”
“How will I find time to exercise?”
“I just don’t feel the same as before kids”
Or if you have ever just wished that you could ask specific questions and get real, safe answers…

…You are in the right place!!

Download the 10 Things You Can Do Today To Get A More Toned Belly After Pregnancy

FitMama can help you be prepared from the start (pre-conception) of your journey as a Mom.

We believe if you really want to make changes to your body; to heal, strengthen and thrive, you MUST understand that what you went through during pregnancy requires time and focused energy to rehabilitate and recover from.

Having a baby takes a toll on your body, and whether you had the most complicated pregnancy and birth or the easiest one ever, you must ensure that you restore the core from the inside out, and THEN you can get back to building strength on top of that. If you want to live a long, healthy life, you do not want the foundation of your body (your core) to be weak and dysfunctional.

By following the FitMama exercises, videos, audios, eBook, and tapping into the private Facebook Community, you will see that in very little time you will notice amazing changes and feel like a super FitMama.

Here is what FitMama is all about:

Jen Oliver created the FitMama personal training and group coaching movement based on years of experience in the fitness industry where she helped thousands of people lose weight, get stronger and change their lives. She saw a need for more education on safe exercise practices during pregnancy and post-partum to avoid the often debilitating consequences of unsafe exercises that are all too common (crunches). As a trainer, nutritionist, coach and mom herself, Jen knows what it takes to strengthen the body from the inside out. With breathing techniques and safe exercises, she can help you restore your core to a place where you feel even stronger than before you had kids.

Of course you are stronger, look what you went through! There should be no reason to be weaker physically or mentally after having babies.

You are a real life superhero!

With simple, safe exercises, the videos and programs Jen creates will help you get progressively stronger from the inside out. You will rehabilitate your pelvic floor, reconnect all the muscles of your core and get everything working in proper order again.

If you are looking to feel restored and strong enough to have another baby or move on past childbearing, FitMama is the place for you to be. If you want to find practical tools, real advice and lots of motivation and inspiration, connect with Jen! You will be so grateful you did. Jen is all about creating the balance in your life to make time for you. To take care of your best asset: YOU! Yes, your baby now comes first, but that doesn’t mean you have to come last.